Charlez has been chosen for December’s companion of the month.

“I love to care for people! I feel like my life has purpose!” I work with the best clients and their families every day, they deserve the best care and knowing that I’m the one they rely on is an incredible feeling! I work hard to show my son that hard work and love in any field is necessary to succeed! Thank you, AMR Care Group for this honor in my life and I’m looking forward to continuing my service as a caregiver with a great company that cares for their clients like family."

Keep up the great work Charlez!

Congratulations to Charmain who has been chosen as AMR Care Groups November Companion of the month!

"Through the years I've always been dedicated to serving others in a broad array of capacities from fitness to healthcare. Being a companion allows me to continue in that service while also giving me the opportunity to gain hands on experience with the daily tackles of cognitive degenerative diseases. Not only do I look forward to the help I provide but my clients also look forward to just the simple interaction and it's been a pleasure to be, sometimes the 'only' highlight of my clients' day..... Where there's a companion there should always be a SMILE :)!!"

Congratulations Denise on being AMR Care Group's October companion of the month!! Keep up the good work!

"My name is Denise Gordon, I have been a companion with AMR for over two years. I don't consider being a companion a job but rather an experience. An experience that is teaching me how to prepare for my latter years as I am guided in how to provide tender loving care to my clients. I have gained a wealth of knowledge by listening to my clients whenever they choose to share their story. I go the extra mile for my clients because through one of the informative in service meetings held by AMR I have learned to walk in their shoes, see through their eyes and process in their time. I look forward to the end of a shift only to hear my client ask "when will you be back?"

Being chosen as companion of the month for this wonderful company that I work for is pretty darn awesome. I love my work and I absolutely love what I do for the clients. Whether it's taking them out, doing errands for them or with them, listening to them or just being in their presence is a good feeling for me and I love it, I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you AMR for choosing me to be the companion of the month.

Daveana Kama-Fischer

“To be a great companion you have to be Compassionate, Attentive, Dependable, and Trustworthy. All Reasons I got into Caregiving! I enjoy being a companion to the elderly because I am able to help keep their spirits up and assist in many ways with simple tasks they may no longer do on their own. I enjoy knowing that my clients love having me responsible for their well-being! That makes me feel fulfilled!” – Edith F.

Thanks to you Edith for the wonderful job you do as a caregiver and congratulations on being our August Companion of the Month!

We have proudly chosen Rebecca Oftring as our July Companion of the Month. Rebecca has been an outstanding companion and our families RAVE about her! Great job Rebecca! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.

I am so glad to be a part of a team where everyone works together and is so friendly. To lift somebody else’s spirits is the most uplifting best feeling you can ever have in your life.”

-Rebecca Oftring, AMR Care Group Companion

We have proudly chosen Jennifer Grego to receive the June Companion of the Month award. Her outstanding effort as well as all the positive feedback from our clients made this a no brainer for us! Here is what Jennifer had to say, “Thank you AMR Care Group for my award. I've been a companion here for 5 years now and they have been the best. I have been with all types of clients but what makes me happiest is when I know that I have helped them feel comfortable and safe.” Thank you, Jennifer!

Congratulations Cindy Cruz! Cindy is our May Companion of the Month. Thanks to Cindy’s hard work and dedication, this is her second time being Companion of the Month. Hard work really does pay off! We are so happy to have companions like Cindy.

“I have many memories from working with AMR Care Group. One experience in particular is of a client that was discharged from the hospital. At the time he was feeling very sad and lonely because he didn’t have any friends or family close by. I listened to his worries and assured him that we will take things one day at a time. By the end of my first shift with him he already had a smile on his face filled with joy. He kindly thanked me and told me how much better he feels knowing he doesn’t have to face the world alone because I can be there to help him. These are the moments that keep me doing my job with dedication, commitment, and passion every single day. I’m happy at AMR because they make me feel appreciated and connected through communication and incentives. I hope I can inspire others to do what I love to do.”

- Cindy Cruz

It is with great pride that we choose Deborah Holder as the April Companion of the Month! We are so lucky to have Deborah as part of our team. Deborah has been a companion with AMR Care Group since 2011. Her dedication and compassion has been exceptional! Congratulations, Deborah.

"Thank you AMR for choosing me to be April’s Companion of the Month. I have had the pleasure of being with the same client for the last 5 years and counting. Some of the things that I get to do with her are going out for lunch, going on drives, playing bingo and mingling around the facility. It gives me great joy being able to do these things and more with her. But being chosen as Companion of the Month is the icing on the cake. Thank you again AMR Care Group for choosing me."


This month, we have proudly selected Michele Anderson as our Companion of the Month. Michele is always so happy and passionate about what she does! Thank you for all that you do

“WOW! Thank you for choosing me to be AMR Care Group’s companion of the month. Working with AMR is such a pleasure. The clients I've been matched with are perfect. We talk, sew, shop & cook. Working with AMR allows me to have a schedule that fits me & my family; along with helping others and their needs. Being a part of such a wonderful company & wonderful families is truly a blessing. Thank you again!!

- Michele“

This month we have chosen Lawrence Lipetz to be our Companion of the Month! His passion and dedication is what makes us proud to have him as part of our team. Keep up the good work, Lawrence!

"I like being a companion because of how good it makes me feel helping others. When I first enter the home of my client, he asks me to play him some tunes on his piano. I am always practicing at home so when I play for my client, it sounds good. Later we usually go to a museum. We love getting out for adventures. Sometimes we also go out to a restaurant for a snack. We both have a great time!”- Lawrence Lipetz

Congratulations, Yumi Toda on being awarded the first Companion of the Month for the new year! We appreciate your dedication. Keep up the great work!

“It is my honor to receive the Employee of the month award from AMR Care Group! I am so glad and appreciative of being able to meet so many great people through AMR and to be able to help them with what they need. I have been spending time with each client by talking with lots of laughs as well as dancing to music together! Every single moment is precious with each of the clients I have been with. And I will continue caring for people with a full heart💕

Thank you again for this opportunity to express my thoughts, appreciation and for your support! I'm so happy to be working with AMR staff. -Yumi Toda

AMR Care Group is pleased to announce that Kristina Dakin is our December Companion of the Month. Kristina is always flexible with her schedule and accommodates her clients whenever she is needed. Her hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed!

Kristina enjoys her work with AMR Care Group clients...

“Being a caregiver for AMR Care Group has been a very positive and rewarding experience. Going to work every day, knowing that you are making a vital impact in someone's life, makes me feel really good about the career I chose. I have a client that I accompany to Dialysis. I try to make her as comfortable as possible with pillows and blankets. I hold her hand tightly and as she squeezes mine with all her might, I distract her with good thoughts. As I get ready to leave after she is all settled, she always tells me how thankful she is for me and how she doesn’t know what she would do without me. And for that, I am grateful.”

We are grateful for you, Kristina!

Nicole Kelly, pictured here with Devonna Revell who has been selected as AMR Care Group’s February Employee of the Month. Devonna joined AMR Care Group in June 2017. Since then, she has gone above and beyond to make sure her client stays safe at home. Not only has her client raved about how wonderful she is, the family of her client has expressed how confident they are with the care that she is giving to their loved one. We are very proud of Devonna’s dedication as a companion for AMR Care Group. We thank and congratulate her!