Mr. and Mrs. L.’s Story

Mr. and Mrs. L., married for more than 60 years, lived alone in their home on Long Island. Their children lived in different states; the closest live in New Jersey. Mr. L. had advanced cancer, though Mrs. L. was in denial.

AMR Care Group Team provided the following for the L.’s:

  • Arranged for a licensed Home Health Aide.
  • Brought in hospice
  • Arranged for an in-home psychotherapist for Mrs. L.

After Mr. L. died, Mrs. L., a former Librarian, wanted to continue to live at home. AMR Care Group then:

  • Arranged for a Companion a few times per week for errands and taking Mrs. L. to doctors.
  • Installed a medical alert system.
  • Replaced Mrs. L.’s broken rolling walker.
  • Visited one to two times per month and monitored Mrs. L.’s quality of life.
  • Brought in talking books.

Mrs. L. was hospitalized a few times due to a rare disorder. While in the hospital and rehabilitation, we were able to advocate on her behalf and communicate with her family. AMR Care Group geriatric care managers continue to visit Mrs. L. at home and provide communication and comfort to her family.

Because of AMR Care Group Mrs. L. is happy living in her home.

Bob's Story

Bob is a 60 year old who has schizophrenia. His parents were aging and wanted to be sure that their son got the appropriate social, medical care, and proper housing. They did not want to burden their other children. Unfortunately both of Bob’s parents’ died within a short timespan. We have been caring for Bob since 2005.

AMR Care Group has provided Bob with the following:

  • Housing through a county program that allows Bob to stay in a home.
  • Placed Bob in appropriate medical outpatient programs.
  • Completed annual Medicaid recertification.
  • Sorted out insurance issues.
  • Provided socialization
  • Accompanied him to medical appointments.
  • Medication management
  • Oversee routine and serious medical issues.
Because of AMR Care Group’s care, Bob has had a stable living situation for the past four years, with decreased hospitalizations and improved socialization.

The K.’s Story

The K.’s were aging and both in their mid-80s. Mr. K. has mid-stage Alzheimer’s; however Mrs. K. was in denial and interested in keeping their active lifestyle. The family convinced Mrs. K. to meet with an AMR Care Group care manager. The care manager provided an in-depth Assessment and Care Plan which provided resources to keep the K.’s at home which have been their wishes.

The AMR Care Group team provided the K.’s with the following:

  • Companion Services which are better quality and less expensive than previous help.
  • In-home physical therapist.
  • Socialization
  • Improved nutrition
  • Recommendations for day programs for Mr. K.
  • Recommendation for financial help for Mrs. K.
  • Safety at home
  • Companions who shop and cook with Mrs. K.
Because of AMR Care Group, the K.’s are living a better quality of life in their own home.

Sharon’s Story

Sharon is a 65 year old with early onset Parkinson’s disease. She has been living with this debilitating disease for more than 12 years. Her husband predeceased her a few years ago. She has been cared for by her longtime private caregiver. Her children contacted us to provide assistance as they had grueling jobs and responsibilities at home. Sharon was home most of the time and was depressed about her losses as her disease continued to affect her cognitive and physical functioning.

The AMR Care Group Team provided Sharon with the following :

  • Identified an appropriate day program for socialization.
  • Managed medical appointments
  • Improved care for Sharon by adding an experienced home health aide.
  • Changed Physical Therapy provider to include aqua therapy.
  • Communicated with doctors to ensure Sharon is receiving quality care.
  • Kept family members up to date with Sharon’s progress.
Because of AMR Care Group, Sharon is able to live in the comfort of her own home and receive the best possible care, while enjoying the people around her.

Larry’s Story

Larry, a 65 year old man who has mental illness, was deteriorating while living in his group home. Our Companions provided care and comfort for him in the group home while our Care Management staff sought to place him in a safe environment as the group home was no longer viable.

The AMR Care Group team provided Larry with the following:

  • Identified a nursing home appropriate for Larry.
  • Companions provided TLC on a daily basis reporting issues to the Care Manager.
  • Strong relationships with his companions enabling Larry to be able to express his feelings and needs in a productive way.
  • Social stimulation by taking Larry to social functions and outings.
  • Supported and continued care after super storm Sandy displaced Larry from his nursing home.

Mildred’s Story

Mildred is 97 years old and did not have the support to live at home. AMR Care Group’s care manager provided an assessment and care plan which included locating an appropriate Independent Living Facility with Companion Services, providing Mildred with the highest quality of life.

  • Mildred has social connections as her companions take her to social events with life-long friends and dinner at her favorite restaurant.
  • She receives good medical care as her companions take her to medical appointments under the oversight of the care manager.
  • Companions ensure proper medication management – making sure Mildred takes her medications as prescribed.
  • Mildred has been able to live a quality life at the age of 97 because of the support she receives from her dedicated caring companions who treat her like family.
Mildred’s success is a result of team work of the staff of AMR Companion and Care Management Services.