Savor New York City Culture

If you’ve been missing out on all the New York arts scene has to offer because of a health condition or simply because you don’t like go out alone, Cultured Companions are making the arts accessible again.

Our specially trained companions all come from the entertainment world – actors, dancers, musicians and artists – and are able to engage you or a loved one in a magical adventure in the world’s most exciting city. Whether you want to see La Bohème at the Met, Amy O’Neill’s collection at MoMA, or see Hamilton on Broadway, we have the perfect companion who will add to your enjoyment with their charm, knowledge and sophistication. From picking you up from your home until the final curtain, you’ll have an experience you’ll always remember.

How it works

We begin by discovering your likes and interests. We’ll then match you with a compatible Cultured Companion. Once the match is made, Cultured Companions will help with choosing events, scheduling, purchasing tickets and transportation. All you have to do is relax and enjoy your time out on the town.

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